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Belt Press Services and Spares

Customer Service is the support that Magytec offers to Clients for the whole life of the equipment — both before and after they buy our equipment — to derive optimal results in the operation of their plant. Magytec want to provide not just an answer to your question but a solution for your problems.

Ian Bane our Technical Director, has been responsible for SernaGiotto Belt Presses and associated equipment in Australia over the past 30 years. We know that customer loyalty is built, not only on superior product quality, but also on the motivation of a producer to offer life-long product assistance.

With more than 200 installations, and a large data bank of laboratory and pilot tests, we have extensive experience to offer our clients in belt press technology.   The modular equipment available, from the SernaGiotto 3m belt width Optima design, down to the smallest 1m belt width package dewatering systems, allows us to offer solutions for a wide range of applications.











Getting Your Press Back to Peak Condition

We offer original SernaGiotto spares and some local consumables made to the original designs.

Magytec offers assistance in commissioning, tuning, and problem solving of existing belt press installations, which is particularly useful in older plants where process performance has appeared to deteriorate over time. For more information: Getting the Most Out of Dewatering.

Belt Press Troubleshooting, Optimisation and Recomissioning

We have found that often belt press installations are not running at the maximum efficiency, due to many causes, such as the feed has changed, or personnel turnover has lost the original training, or perhaps the original installation was not set up correctly.  Magytec Australia can help review the complete installation, optimise the settings, check the belt selection, and train the operators. 

In many cases we have found that recommissioning can improve the belt press performance considerably, and also result in savings in consumables such as polymer flocculant.



In mining, the most challenging dewatering task is ultra-fine slimes dewatering, and the SernaGiotto/Magytec experience in both the clarification and dewatering of ultrafine slimes is available.

Most installations in mining incorporate a sedimentation thickener ahead of the belt presses. The thickener and belt press are intimately connected as a system, and our knowledge of both technologies enables us to optimise the complete process, providing reliable operation of the system. Our 3m belt width presses can provide high throughputs.


Magytec International now offers filter belts for standard Sernagiotto sizes from our Sydney store, which ensures minimum delivery time.  We also work closely with leading filter belt manufacturers, and we offer a specialised belt selection and supply service, based on our detailed knowledge of this type of machine.

See our filter belt information guide for details.

Spare Parts

Magytec can provide a number of common spares from our warehouse in Sydney and order any Original Equipment  Manufacturer (OEM) parts from Senagiotto in Italy.

Common Spares

Giotto Belt Press Filter
Sernagiotto Belt Filter Press
Doctor Blade Torsion Elements
Washbox end seal
Bellows BSX 2000 Torpress 245
Doctor blade 3m
Washbox seal 3 m
Brushes 3m
Bellows 1200 CMF
Doctor blade 2.5m
Washbox seal 2.5 m
Brushes 2.5m
Bellows 1200 BS and BSX /EE Torpress 26-84181
Doctor blade 2m
Washbox seal 2 m
Brushes 2m
Wash box nozzle seal V-40
Doctor Blade 1.2 m
Washbox seal 1.2 m
Brushes 1.2m
Nozzle Gasket to suit 2.5mm nozzle
3 Way Pneumatic Distributor valve
Side seals - Short (3m)
Side seals - Long (4m)
Spray nozzles 2.5mm

Service and Spare Parts Contacts


Ian Bane

+61 (0)418 212 070

Spare Parts

Garrath Wilson

+61 (0)405 669 677

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