MAGYTEC  Belt Presses, Gravity Tables and Small Plant Kits


In the smaller size ranges, Magytec Australia offers our own design SPress, which was developed from the SernaGiotto WR series presses. We also offer dewatering plant kits, which include the belt press and the ancillary equipment to provide a small simple pre-engineered system for country towns and resorts.

Magytec International works with SernaGiotto Technologies to develop new designs, and keep pace with the ever changing world of new applications.

We were the first to develop and apply the concept of the Gravity Drainage belt + Belt Press train in Australasia for dewatering of thin sludges such as mixed liquor from aeration tanks. The SernaGiotto/Magytec International X-Flow™ belt press variant with special gravity drainage zone for high volumetric feed rates is a derivative of this technology. We were also first in the technology of mobile sludge dewatering plants and lagoon sludge dewatering.